🪁⏳ Dodgy Watchers – Loop Hero

So now we know that the Time Watchers are holding the Fragments for the Astral Orbs! So let’s try to hunt more of them. With the last Building, we will get access to craft everything we want! So let’s go!

🏥🐆 Regen vs Hunter – Loop Hero

Does a Regen-Warrior-Build work against the Hunter? I don’t know! So lets try 😉 So for a Regen Build you want to go with Regen Boni on Supplies like X and X. So a high amount of health is even better then. Additionally we wann get some Blooming Meadows, Temporal Beacons and Regen-Equipment going. Should be a good chunk of health. This might work because if we can drag out the fight, then the Warrior is going to grow with each second. Also the map looks like a heart that is neat 😀

💉🗡️ Warrior with Meadows/Regen = good? – Loop Hero

In this episode I do wanna try if Regen is something that could be useful for the Warrior. So we take Meadows and put them beside other things to turn them into Blooming Meadows. With this we get a good daily heal. Lets add a Temporal Beacon to speed this up and see if it works 🙂

📰😄 Act 4 Intermission – Loop Hero

📰😄 On our Live stream we got some time after a F T L run. So what do we do? Yeah, we head back to Loop Hero! Let’s attack Mission 4 again! This episode contains 2 quick runs. One with the Warrior and one with the Rogue. Just to show off this great game * __*