🏆👏 Best Card Game 2022 – How to unlock Ottis – Across the Obelisk

We are starting a brand new playthrough+ This time with Across the Obelisk. A just released Roguelite Card Game with Party Building Elements. It is definitely one of the best games I’ve played this year, maybe even the best Card Game this year! The story is about a lost princess and lord and an activated obelisk acting as a teleporter. No one has returned while trying to find them, but we are gonna be the team that will succeed! So let us go on our first journey :3

Guide for Speedrunning on Pillar and Raliniten – Hero’s Hour

After watching some older Speedruns I’ve seen many runs going for Pillar because of the Pillars of Essence which will just add extra units to the party. I’ve been trying this strategy myself, but found out going for Lionin (Mastery in Fighters) not the best. Instead we are going for Raliniten who has Planning and a better tree.

🏹🐜 How to Onomi – Wild – Hardcore+ – Hero’s Hour

Wow… we got killed twice by Delirium hard countering us and then this run happened! What a power struggle 😀 After having such a great run I definitely would change a bit. Especially taking Royalty on Tide way earlier! You cannot sustain the amount of extra units through Pearls and Recruitment without some Royalty 😀

🏹🐜 How to Onomi – Wild – Hardcore+ – Hero’s Hour

I love the Wild faction a lot ♥ With Onomi we can also go and showcase the power of a lot of small units. We will go Archery, Legion, Mastery and Wild Communion. This will give us a lot of Rangers and Animas. With Legion and Mastery they get more powerful and then trample on everything 😀

🃏💰 Decks need to stay small – Dicey Dungeons

Ehm so with “Losers, Weepers” we get to keep ALL of the enemy equipment at the end of a Jester fight. That will bloat up our deck quite quickly 😀 But we get a new Delete Action so we can try to keep it small and turn this into an amazing run *__*