How to Infinite Mana Exploit – Hero’s Hour

I just stumbled on this on our recent Twitch Stream so it can still be optimized to be even more broken. So what is happening? We have ~700 Mana… always… for every fight… forever 😀 No units needed, no artifacts, nothing really special. So what can you do with this? How about making the game break and stutter with the amount of Elementals you can summon? Just bonkers 😀

🤯 Card Removal / Thin Deck – not just for Tainted Grail: Conquest

One of the best ways to make your deck better is to thin it out. Each card that is inferior to another or to your strategy does decrease your chance of drawing a really good card. Maybe only the Apostate does want to go for a huge deck, since this class might be able to still go through it. For all the other classes a thinner deck might be better. I’ve struggled with that myself, so here is a short list on the opportunities than can give you card removal