🌬️🐬 Master of Elementals – How to Kop Laka – Tide – Hardcore+ – Hero’s Hour

I always underestimated Creation as a Talent. You always have to cast in order to gain units. And those Aetherthings are squishy 😀 BUT on higher Levels you finally get units that are well worth your effort. Especially the Arcanetations are huge! And if you have more than 40 you are gonna crush it 😀 Kop Laka also has a great Talent tree for this. Tide’s Conflux is gonna give us a good chunk of Elementals, then we have Elemtalism of course, put some Regeneration on top of Summoning and Creation and BAM! That’s your Master of Elementals. There is no better Hero to go for this!

🏹🐜 How to Onomi – Wild – Hardcore+ – Hero’s Hour

Wow… we got killed twice by Delirium hard countering us and then this run happened! What a power struggle 😀 After having such a great run I definitely would change a bit. Especially taking Royalty on Tide way earlier! You cannot sustain the amount of extra units through Pearls and Recruitment without some Royalty 😀