🎩🐇 What an Evolution! – How to Asce the Ruined – Delirium – Hardcore+ – Hero’s Hour

This is what I would call a good Hero 😀 We have Tactics, Diplo, Dragonking, Bloodwarping and Archery. Later even some Champion. So we steel our units in blood, merge the corpses to dragons and diplo the survivors. One of the best heroes in the game. Also starting with Delirium means at least 30 knowledge so there is even room for some spell casting or summoning.

How to Lanzo – Order – Hardcore+ – Hero’s Hour

It is the start of our HowTo Play Series for Hero’s Hour. Don’t worry we will still check out all the other Factions. But I wanna play more off stream 😉 Today we will start with Lanzo from the Order Faction. Our main strategy will be to go Bloodwarping. This Talent will transform our small units into more powerful ones. To support this we will increase Rallying and Mastery.