😎😦 Overconfidence – Ring of Pain

With Ring of Pain you always need to be on the edge. Always thinking ahead, so you don’t get chain explosions or kill yourself due to backlash… So you know that if you say “Oh it’s quite peacefull here…” and then stress happens? Yeah same goes for Ring of Pain…

😱🏮 Intimidating the Ox Lantern – Ring of Pain

With the Lantern of the Ox, all Equipment Stats get transformed into Defense. So normally I would go full-on defense with freeze and retaliation. But hey why not go Offensive? With the Tainted Cleaver and Void Portal, we have a really good amount of damage output. So let’s make use of that.

🎩🐇 Devolving Hard Mode – Ring of Pain

Hard Mode on Ring of Pain is hard 😀 So let’s try something unusual. I haven’t played with transforming creatures that much. BUT OH MY! I’ve been mistaken 😀 especially if you can devolve it is really really good! You hit an Amalgam and bam its a Frog now 😀 Devolving Hard Mode to Easy Mode hehehe :3

🎉😱 It always gets you! – Ring of Pain

We still need a Win in the Light Path on the Dark Stone, so let’s try that. On the side of the run we are talking about how Ring of Pain can be quite unforgiving. You always have to check if you are truly fine, otherwise stuff happens 😀 so be careful! Not like me 😀

☕️⭐️ Multistriking Flail – Ring of Pain

Last quick and easy run of the day. Let’s go for a normal single candle run. Not that far ago we unlocked the Flail and this time we got ist. So what does Multistrike mean with Ring of Pain? It’s quite easy, you hit twice 😀 so it doubles your Attack and that’s quite a punch 😉

⛏️🧊 Hard as Ice – Ring of Pain

Hey finally a Freeze Build 😀 we can Freeze on Parry, Freeze every 4th Attack and get +4 Damage. Nice! Will it be enough to win against Hard Mode? If we find other good stuff that can add to this, then yes!

🔥👻 Burning Souls – Ring of Pain

First time going HARD MODE! Soul Damage was not that great, but with a Soul Torch and Soul Charger that will be 5 damage to a random unit on attack. That’s a good amount of damage to try explode stuff before they reach me!