👬🔓 How to unlock Marrabbio – Vampire Survivors – Early Access

There is another hidden character! In order to unlock Marrabbio you have to have picked up 100 chicken and head over to the Mad Forest. We are gonna do that with Red Death because he is really fast. Pick up Pummerola and Skull then you can go to the upper left side to find a Cake sitting on the ground. That Cake will spawn another one and so on. Like a breadcrumb trail. Follow that to find a shadow Character. Beat him and then you get Marrabbio!

👊💪 How to beat Holy Forbidden (Hidden Ground) – Vampire Survivors – Early Access

So with the latest Patch you can get into the Moongolow and the first time you reach 15 minutes you unlock the Holy Forbidden (Hidden Ground). This stage is quite tough the first time you enter it. And really confusing 😀 You cannot enter this with special characters like Leda. The best character to beat this stage is Gennaro. With the Knives you will be able to shoot all the candles and get health to survive. Now you just need to run 😀 After this you unlock 4 mighty new items in each stage. These are also necessary to evolve the Laurel and Clock Lancet! But for the cost to meet a lot more of enemies which are also granted a lot of power (180% curse :D).