🐾💥 All for One Claw(s) – Slay the Spire

Let’s get wild and scratch all the enemies until they bleed to death 😀 Today we are going with my first run on the Defect. Claws look really nice. 0 cost and scaling damage the more we play the Claws overall. And then there is All for One 😀 WTF! So playing all the Claws and then getting them all back in Hand with All for One. Replay all Claws and BAM! Enemies are dead 😀 GG!

🤑🗡️ The greedy Ironclad – Slay the Spire

We are starting a new playthrough with a great roguelike! The game is called Slay the Spire. With 1 of 4 classes you push through multiple randomized trees of choices. We are going to fight monsters, collect artifacts and go through interesting and ridiculous events 😀 In the first episode we start with a Run on the Ironclad. Each class has its specific decks and different mechanics. Lets see if we can win our first run.