RimWorld – Ideology DLC

RimWorld got a new DLC and a big Update. So today I will be talking about what’s new in this Update and what you can expect in the Ideology DLC. Brand new Stuff is coming our way so stay tuned!

FTL: Faster Than Light – Review

FTL: Faster than Light is a roguelike developed by the indie studio, Subset Games. You have critical information for the alliance fleet, but you are followed by the scry rebel fleet. Most of the game comes down to micromanaging your spaceship’s systems, crew and weapons and learning when you prioritize specific upgrades. There are several systems you have to maintain to make it to the end. Since it’s a roguelike, you can keep replaying the game at a higher difficulty.

RimWorld – Review

After having their space liner crash into a planet, they must now build a new colony to survive! Right at the start, four different modes can be chosen, but for this run, we will choose the classic/story mode. In it, we have more resources available to us, and we start with three people on our crew.

Factorio – Review

After our ship crashes on a planet during free play, we must gather the resources around us to launch a rocket into space and ask for help. While our main focus is building and mining, we must also prepare ourselves to fight against the natives who occupy the planet we’re on.

Monster Train – The Last Divinity – DLC – Review

The Last Divinity is the first DLC released for the popular game Monster Train. Its giving us a huge addition to the already great base game. A short summary:

a new clan called the Wurmkin which are bringing some eggs and echoes with them
new mechanic to add additional optional difficulties called pact shards. You can take them to get great boni, but for each of them the difficulty will increase
new optional last boss
fuse one unit into another unit and grant that effect
new rare cards for existing clans
new events
5 new clanless cards
10 new Mutators
5 new expert challenges
3 new card frames
I’m not going much into the changes for the existing clans, so let’s have a look at the mechanics for now!

Legend of Keepers – Review

Legend of Keepers is a mix of Dungeon Defender and Roguelites made by Goblinz Studio. The bad heroes are coming to get fame, honor and all our belongings. But they haven’t anticipated us! Our mission is to manage and defend the dungeon, build traps and command monsters to stop those pesky humans. Paired with a huge amount of humor and different events each run will be different.

Monster Train – Review

Monster Train is a turn-based deckbuilding game made by Good Shepherd Entertainment. After heaven invaded the hell and only ice and cold was left. But a last spark of hell is still burning strong. We are the last hope to reignite hell. With our train the Boneshaker we are transporting and defending the last spark of hell called the Pyre. We collect units, spells and artifacts in order to get stronger, because our enemies are getting stronger too. Will we be able to reignite hell?