🔝🏆 Upgrading Everything – Loop Hero

If the Warrior can farm everything, then the Rogue should be able to do the same. Maybe even better? So let’s hunt more Time Watchers and also let’s kill the Hunter while we are at it 😀 somehow he turned quite easy this time 😀 We got everything here. Hunter down, a dozen Astral Orbs, and also so many other Resources. What a great run!

🥱💀 Exhaustion can kill you – Loop Hero

What happens if you go too fast? If you go too fast, you are getting exhausted. And being exhausted means you attack less. So if Vampirism and Attack is your way to heal, then you might die 😀 Although the rest of the run was really really good!

👻😡 Damn those Ghosts! – Loop Hero

👻😡 So if you put down a battle field there is a chance for spawning Ghosts after killing an enemy. Then there is a chance to get a stage 2 ghost after killing that ghost. And after that another chance for stage 3. But they are really powerful…