🚨🌫️ Red-Tail for the first time – FTL: Faster than Light

Yeah, so the Red-Tail or KestrelB is a big Pew Pew Ship from the start 😀 You start with 4! Basic Lasers! So if you coordinate them you can quickly push through shields. That is a major benefit right from the start. On the other side, these basic lasers do consume a lot of power. So prioritization needs to be done. This will be interesting :3

👨‍💻️🤖 Hacking and Drones on Engi A – FTL: Faster than Light

Hacking is a wonderful system. You can disable shields or weapons for some seconds and that’s just great. If you hit a weapon, they are not shooting back. If you hit the shield and then attack weapons, there is also no shooting back anymore 😀 you can also disable shield and shoot shields and then they won’t have any Defense anymore. Just wonderful.

🔧👤 Kestrel vs Lanius – FTL: Faster than Light

Ok back to the Kestrel A. Run did go really well. We get Hacking and Mind Control. Then we do get Cloning and Teleporting. Then we get some Mantis as Boarders, so really really good. BUT then we meet the Lanius. A race of metal-bodied Oxygen snatching Bast****…. they are tough and hard to kill and their Ships are so good. Would really like to switch places 😀 but oh well…

👾🛸 First Time reaching the Flagship – FTL: Faster than Light

Yeehaw! Our first time reaching the Flagship and that with the Engi B Drone Ship 😀 We got more Shield removal with the Ions and a great Halberd Beam as our Damage Source. But still the Flagship is a tough nut to crack. Many phases and different mechanics to go through. Without knowing what comes, its really hard to prepare.