💊🧟 Cursing and Healing to Death – Ring of Pain

The Crushing Concoction is such a nice Item 😀 Every time you heal, all enemies get petrified by the amount healed. So if you heal for 5, then everyone gets petrified by 5. It does not matter where the healing comes from. Can be the Blood Stone, a Potion, or a Health Up 😀 Simply wonderful!

👸🌫️ Hermits Tiara and Misting Vessel vs Ultra Speed – Ring of Pain

Hermits Tiara is an interesting Item. If you have 4 or less Items equipped you always freeze the enemy on attack. That includes itself, the candles and spells. So technically if you are faster than all the enemies, including explosives and owls, you would have an easy time. But since you do not have much to equip that will be quite hard. So let’s try to snatch all the power-ups and get fast asap!

🤷🩲 Chaotic Underwear – Chaotic Win – Ring of Pain

Chaotic Underwear is an interesting Item. It just gives you 10 Speed, BUT it also says that the lowest Speed goes first… wait what? Ok so first you get a boost, then over the course of the run other enemies get faster, so it will make you attack first? Sounds weird 😀 But hey with a Wishing Well its also plain +10 Speed 😀

🖇️💥 Chain exploding Monsters! – Ring of Pain

Let’s try to go down the Light Route and find out what’s happening there. We have a nice build going with huge Healing and Huge Damage due to the Crushing Concoction. But it’s not Ring of Pain without some Pain. Be always careful, if you think you are powerful…