Hero’s Hour – Review

Hero’s Hour is an Hommage to Heroes of Might and Magic but as an Auto-Battler 😉 I played HOMM3 for hours with a friend and it was great! So with Hero’s Hour you choose a faction, build up your city, recruit units and go conquer the world with your heroes. Battles will happen automatically. You can still order a bit and cast magic. Just played a small test to check it out, now I already have 3 runs done. It is that good!

Creeper World 3 – Review

After waking up from one of the longest sleep of his life, our protagonist, Skargsgard Abraix finds himself inside a ship and was awakened by a mysterious voice that calls itself Lia. The voice fills you in on what happened, and that you’ve been asleep for many eons, around five billion years.