🛣️🏎️ Simulations are a big Boost – Early Access – Idle Research

Wow after afk playing for a while and starting to unlock the simulations we are pushing really really high 😀 Simulations are a big boost, so I would say always checking backwards in adventure mode to see if you can unlock the first simulation. Simulations by itself are a flat boost for stuff in adventure mode. They also have some boost beside adventure mode, but they are not that important 😀 Faster fighting is what is gonna push your shard and energy. Now we want to push to higher stages, get more simulations and go crazy!

🛣️💻 Long way for Simulations – Early Access – Idle Research

The next big blocker is pushing for Simulations. Let us prepare for that. So as said in the last episode more crafting is really helpful, so Automating the Potions is a great way to start. Then unlocking the Accelerators and last getting the Skills as high as possible. So after recording just go afk idling (not offline idling) and with your Potions you and auto deployment, it just needs time to push through.