💫🔋 Power of Arcane – How to Rhyldur – Arcane – Hardcore+ – Hero’s Hour

Another slow starter and big hitter later 😉 With Rhyldur we have access to Aethermancy, but without a lot of fights we cannot scale with that. As seen on previous vids early Mercurials can be quite good, so we can go with that. After this we can finally start getting stuff done. We add Swarming, Elementalism and Creation and with this we can go and have a blast 😉

🧙‍♀️👹 Magic and Demons – How to Dani the Free – Delirium – Hardcore+ – Hero’s Hour

Delirium is always more Magic focused due to the big boost of the Forbidden Tome, but we can go and have some fun with Demons too! Dani the Free is a tough starter. Early Pyromancy can help a little bit, but sadly there is no Regenration, so Magic is a tough nut. But on the third row we have Healing and Logistics, which is great! After that we can add Demonology to scale. If you can get started then Dani is a really good hero.

🤴🐋 King of Big Dudes – How to Marco – Order – Hardcore+ – Hero’s Hour

Wow what a great Hero 😀 This Monster of a Hero only has a single Bodyguard Talent which is useless as a Main Hero, but otherwise really strong. We gain Leadership, Mastery, Champion and Dragonking all on the left side of the Talent Tree. On the right side there is Bloodwarping, so even if we would not get this by an Artifact, I would go for at least a single level in Bloodwarping. So Hero goes all in on the big dudes. Only good counter would be facing an enemy hero with strong Warding.