👧🌃 Daughters of Darkness and Blood – Othercide

New Let’s try Thursday :3 This time with Othercide and a turn-based strategy game. Right of the start its one of the best games I’ve played this year until now. We are going to fight against Death and Suffering while still protecting our Daughters. Will we be strong enough to save the world?

💣💥 What happens if Mortars explode? – RimWorld – Meat only and 1 Room only Challenge

So now we know for which ending we are going to go! It will be the new Archonexus Ending. So in order to trigger that we need 350.000 Wealth on our colony. Then we are going to take 5 colonists and 5 animals with us on a journey on a new colony in search for the other fragments. So in order to have the best people, we are going to create more bionic soldiers 🙂

⛏️🧊 Hard as Ice – Ring of Pain

Hey finally a Freeze Build 😀 we can Freeze on Parry, Freeze every 4th Attack and get +4 Damage. Nice! Will it be enough to win against Hard Mode? If we find other good stuff that can add to this, then yes!

🔥👻 Burning Souls – Ring of Pain

First time going HARD MODE! Soul Damage was not that great, but with a Soul Torch and Soul Charger that will be 5 damage to a random unit on attack. That’s a good amount of damage to try explode stuff before they reach me!

🥄💦 Big Splashing Spoon Run – Ring of Pain

Spoon Run! Let’s go and take a negative item and still win a run. I was told something good might happen at the end of the road? We will see! But first, we have to fight through the rings. Let’s make our Spoon hit really hard with some Collateral Damage and even destroying items! 😀

💉💀 Too much Health can kill! – Ring of Pain

So normally if you go an inject a health boost into something you would like to help that one, BUT this time we are going to use that to kill 😀 With the Crushing Concoction we are able to deal damage for each regenerated health point. So heal for 10, 10 damage for everyone! 😀

😱🗿 Can we Stone Scream Owl? – Ring of Pain

Stone Scream is a nice Spellbook. If you are able to kill an Enemy with this Spellbook, then it gets +1 Petrify. In Theory you can go quite high with this. Especially combining it with a Hermits Tiara and freeze all enemies beforehand 😀 Are we able to kill Owl with this?