🚨🌫️ Red-Tail for the first time – FTL: Faster than Light

Yeah, so the Red-Tail or KestrelB is a big Pew Pew Ship from the start 😀 You start with 4! Basic Lasers! So if you coordinate them you can quickly push through shields. That is a major benefit right from the start. On the other side, these basic lasers do consume a lot of power. So prioritization needs to be done. This will be interesting :3

🗿🤕 Asteroid Fields are bad – FTL: Faster than Light

You can encounter Asteroid Fields all over the map. Normally its not a problem. But if you stay to long in an Asteroid Field sometime a Meteorite will crash into your Ship. If you have enough Shield that is fine, but if your Shield is done, then your Systems get hit. So be careful out there!

👨‍💻️🤖 Hacking and Drones on Engi A – FTL: Faster than Light

Hacking is a wonderful system. You can disable shields or weapons for some seconds and that’s just great. If you hit a weapon, they are not shooting back. If you hit the shield and then attack weapons, there is also no shooting back anymore 😀 you can also disable shield and shoot shields and then they won’t have any Defense anymore. Just wonderful.