🏆🥇 The best Hero? – How to Gunvor -Earthen – Hardcore+ – Hero’s Hour

Ok this was kinda broken 😀 Great early game, great mid game scaling and then finishing with 238 Attack and 229 Defense 😀 Gunvor might be the best Hero from early to late game. Have to check out if he is any good on Speedrunning 😉 But back to Gunvor. With Demonology you can get early troops for not a lot of EXP and with Estates good early money to build your town. Then you start Dragonking and Devour to get great scaling for your Hero. Demonology grants you extra units while you farm Red Dragons to eat and then you grow out of control 😀 If Gunvor could move through Pyre Portals that would be just a cherry on top of this…

🧟‍♀️👻 Stockpiling On Death Effects – How to Treivia – Earthen – Hardcore+ – Hero’s Hour

So let us do something different with Treivia of the Earthen Faction. We are starting with Grudge will create Rock Pummelers out of dead dwarves. So let us put Bloodletting and Recalcitrance on top 😀 so if a unit dies, we not only get a Rock Pummeler, we buff the other units and maybe get a ghost out of the same unit. That is pretty efficient. But is it good?