🃏💰 Decks need to stay small – Dicey Dungeons

Ehm so with “Losers, Weepers” we get to keep ALL of the enemy equipment at the end of a Jester fight. That will bloat up our deck quite quickly 😀 But we get a new Delete Action so we can try to keep it small and turn this into an amazing run *__*

👥🎲 Double Dice and Gadgets – Dicey Dungeons

Double Rubble, double fun? Yeah if it goes right 😀 So with the Inventor we get double the gadgets, but we are going through so much equipment with this 😀 Planing does help getting this right and get a massive amount of 6 even though being blind 😀

🤒😜 The Great Weakening – Dicey Dungeons

This is the time to win with the witch! We are just going to make all enemies weaker so they will not stand a chance 😀 If weakened a random equipment get’s worse. Than can go from costing more dice value to way less effect. It’s really powerful! I like it way more than shocking.