🏆🥇 The best Hero? – How to Gunvor -Earthen – Hardcore+ – Hero’s Hour

Ok this was kinda broken 😀 Great early game, great mid game scaling and then finishing with 238 Attack and 229 Defense 😀 Gunvor might be the best Hero from early to late game. Have to check out if he is any good on Speedrunning 😉 But back to Gunvor. With Demonology you can get early troops for not a lot of EXP and with Estates good early money to build your town. Then you start Dragonking and Devour to get great scaling for your Hero. Demonology grants you extra units while you farm Red Dragons to eat and then you grow out of control 😀 If Gunvor could move through Pyre Portals that would be just a cherry on top of this…

🤴🐋 King of Big Dudes – How to Marco – Order – Hardcore+ – Hero’s Hour

Wow what a great Hero 😀 This Monster of a Hero only has a single Bodyguard Talent which is useless as a Main Hero, but otherwise really strong. We gain Leadership, Mastery, Champion and Dragonking all on the left side of the Talent Tree. On the right side there is Bloodwarping, so even if we would not get this by an Artifact, I would go for at least a single level in Bloodwarping. So Hero goes all in on the big dudes. Only good counter would be facing an enemy hero with strong Warding.

🎩🐇 What an Evolution! – How to Asce the Ruined – Delirium – Hardcore+ – Hero’s Hour

This is what I would call a good Hero 😀 We have Tactics, Diplo, Dragonking, Bloodwarping and Archery. Later even some Champion. So we steel our units in blood, merge the corpses to dragons and diplo the survivors. One of the best heroes in the game. Also starting with Delirium means at least 30 knowledge so there is even room for some spell casting or summoning.