📰😄 Act 4 Intermission – Loop Hero

📰😄 On our Live stream we got some time after a F T L run. So what do we do? Yeah, we head back to Loop Hero! Let’s attack Mission 4 again! This episode contains 2 quick runs. One with the Warrior and one with the Rogue. Just to show off this great game * __*

💀💸 Being too greedy – Loop Hero

💀💸 Turning Villages with a Vampire Mansion first into Ransacked Villages and then into Counts Lands is a good strategy, but you can be too greedy! I should have placed another village before turning the next Village 🙁

👻😡 Damn those Ghosts! – Loop Hero

👻😡 So if you put down a battle field there is a chance for spawning Ghosts after killing an enemy. Then there is a chance to get a stage 2 ghost after killing that ghost. And after that another chance for stage 3. But they are really powerful…