🧙‍♀️👹 Magic and Demons – How to Dani the Free – Delirium – Hardcore+ – Hero’s Hour

Delirium is always more Magic focused due to the big boost of the Forbidden Tome, but we can go and have some fun with Demons too! Dani the Free is a tough starter. Early Pyromancy can help a little bit, but sadly there is no Regenration, so Magic is a tough nut. But on the third row we have Healing and Logistics, which is great! After that we can add Demonology to scale. If you can get started then Dani is a really good hero.

🎩🐇 What an Evolution! – How to Asce the Ruined – Delirium – Hardcore+ – Hero’s Hour

This is what I would call a good Hero 😀 We have Tactics, Diplo, Dragonking, Bloodwarping and Archery. Later even some Champion. So we steel our units in blood, merge the corpses to dragons and diplo the survivors. One of the best heroes in the game. Also starting with Delirium means at least 30 knowledge so there is even room for some spell casting or summoning.

How to Infinite Mana Exploit – Hero’s Hour

I just stumbled on this on our recent Twitch Stream so it can still be optimized to be even more broken. So what is happening? We have ~700 Mana… always… for every fight… forever 😀 No units needed, no artifacts, nothing really special. So what can you do with this? How about making the game break and stutter with the amount of Elementals you can summon? Just bonkers 😀