⛪🎯 Divine Marksman – Slay the Spire

Retrying the Watcher for the second time. I think the Watcher does not really has problems with energy. But the damage output can be some kind of a problem… :/ Any tips on how to better play the Watcher are appreciated in the comments 😉

🐾💥 All for One Claw(s) – Slay the Spire

Let’s get wild and scratch all the enemies until they bleed to death 😀 Today we are going with my first run on the Defect. Claws look really nice. 0 cost and scaling damage the more we play the Claws overall. And then there is All for One 😀 WTF! So playing all the Claws and then getting them all back in Hand with All for One. Replay all Claws and BAM! Enemies are dead 😀 GG!

💀🐸 Necromancer Win vs Chapter 4 and Secret Frog King – Loop Hero

So there is another Secret Boss I wanna show you and that is the Frog King. He will only spawn if all the road tiles are covered in Swamp Tiles. You can fight him multiple times. You just have to oblivion a Swamp and build a new one. The Frog King is squishy and not that powerful, BUT he has a huge chunk of evasion, so it will take a while until he’s dead.

⚗️🔫 Poisonous Bullet Time – Slay the Spire

Poison did sound nice on the last episode, so let’s lean more into that. A main ingredient for our deadly poison is the Catalyst. The Catalyst Card triples the poison on an enemy. So if it has 20 poison, then it will have suddenly 60! That’s huge 😀 and sounds fun, so let’s try that! And besides that, I like to spread the plague with some Corpse Explosion 😀