💀💫 Necromancer vs Act 4 and Secret Bosses – Loop Hero

Last open Win is the Necromancer! Sadly the Necro does not have really helpful Supply Items. So we are still going with the Sturdy Stool as HP Scaling. Additionally HP Scaling will be supplied by going with the Ancestral Crypt instead of the Arsenal. Our Main Focus will be to go for about 75% Summon Quality and at least 4 Skeletons. Since we do not really have an Offensive Scaling we should go for the Bosses as soon as we feel ready. Lets move!

🏆🛡️ Warrior beating Act 4 + Secret Bosses – Loop Hero

As with the Rogue we are going to beat Chapter 4 (Omega) and the Secret Bosses in a Single Run with the Warrior. The Setup is almost the same. So we go for Sturdy Stool and Counts Chair as Supply for Vampirism and HP Scaling. To Spawn the Secret Bosses we are going to take the Blood Grove, Road Lantern, Chrono Chrystal and the Outpost with us. Additionally I wanna give the Suburbs a try to level as fast as possible. So if we can the enemy Offense with our Vampirism then our Warrior is going to grow stronger by his own special ability. Lets rock!

🔚🤷 The End or the Beginning? Beating Omega the Final Boss – Loop Hero

We have a working great build and alchemy unlocked. So lets try to go for the Omega and get Chapter 4 done. We are going to go Rogue and concentrate on Vampirism and Damage to All as Equipment. I’ll try to have about 80%-100% Attack Speed and with the Oasis a reduction of 50% on all enemies. That should allow us to beat the Omega final boss.