🏆🛡️ Warrior beating Act 4 + Secret Bosses – Loop Hero

As with the Rogue we are going to beat Chapter 4 (Omega) and the Secret Bosses in a Single Run with the Warrior. The Setup is almost the same. So we go for Sturdy Stool and Counts Chair as Supply for Vampirism and HP Scaling. To Spawn the Secret Bosses we are going to take the Blood Grove, Road Lantern, Chrono Chrystal and the Outpost with us. Additionally I wanna give the Suburbs a try to level as fast as possible. So if we can the enemy Offense with our Vampirism then our Warrior is going to grow stronger by his own special ability. Lets rock!

🏥🐆 Regen vs Hunter – Loop Hero

Does a Regen-Warrior-Build work against the Hunter? I don’t know! So lets try 😉 So for a Regen Build you want to go with Regen Boni on Supplies like X and X. So a high amount of health is even better then. Additionally we wann get some Blooming Meadows, Temporal Beacons and Regen-Equipment going. Should be a good chunk of health. This might work because if we can drag out the fight, then the Warrior is going to grow with each second. Also the map looks like a heart that is neat 😀