🛣️💻 Long way for Simulations – Early Access – Idle Research

The next big blocker is pushing for Simulations. Let us prepare for that. So as said in the last episode more crafting is really helpful, so Automating the Potions is a great way to start. Then unlocking the Accelerators and last getting the Skills as high as possible. So after recording just go afk idling (not offline idling) and with your Potions you and auto deployment, it just needs time to push through.

⚙️🤴 Automated Tube Prestige – Early Access – Idle Research

That is a lot of progress on tubes :3 We can now automate our tube prestige too. So that means our afk/offline progress will be even better hehehe… But even more important is the progress for the Crafting Count Potions. These are really really important, so start them ASAP! Producing more is really a big push for us to get everything else unlocked.

🔬🧪 Getting Yellow Tubes – Early Access – Idle Research

After unlocking the Tubes the game slows down a bit. We got a good Boost from Idling. But since we are fighting for Energy it will take even more Idling to push to the next Energy Levels. So in order to push through the next hard barrier we have to produce more. Say hello to Potions ;-). I first thought they were garbage, but as soon as you can get the yellow potions you can ramp up your productions. Let’s wreck that wall!

🧃🏭 Flasks and Assembly – Early Access – Idle Research

The next big Unlock is getting the Assembly which unlocks Juice, Samples and the Warehouse. Additionally we got the Flasks Accelerators unlocked. The Flasks Accelerators consume our produced Flasks, but they directly boost there Production in return. This Boost is so huge! Then we have the Assembly. The Juice Production consumes our Flasks too. We also have to allocate some of our Research Flasks, but for that we can finally create our first Juice. This Juice is then turned into a Sample which is then stored in the Warehouse. Simple? Yeah and by storing it in the Warehouse we get a permanent Multiplier O_O BOOST!!!

🎮🆙 Better Early Game – Early Access – Idle Research

Since Idle Research is an Early Access Game I expected some changes, but this one is a big Quality of Life Improvement. Good Job Developer! No more split Crafting and Automation Slots. That is really nice :3 Also some Balancing and Diamond Shop Changes. But on the other side my game is a little bit weird 😀

👩‍🍳️💊 Creation, Mercurial and Healing Combo – How to Qi – Pillar – Hardcore+ – Hero’s Hour

It is the start of a Brand new Idle Game! I really like to play them on the side. It is like turning your Brain off and just looking at numbers growing 😀 Idle Research has Research as a Theme. You get Crafters which produce Flasks. Those are turned into more Research. Then you get Boosters and the Power to create Fire Flasks which will boost you even more. Boosting the Boost is the Main Theme 😀 Let us see how far we can go in this Early Access.

Nova Drift – Review

Nova Drift is an action roguelike in space. Try thinking about Space Invaders, but modern with more ships, weapons, shield and way more enemies to fight. As of writing its still in early access, but it is steadily going to be one of my favorites. You start with base ship then for the first levels you choose a weapon, shield and body. With your base build starting you’ll now get upgrades to boost you further and further. How far can you reach into space?

Dice Legacy – Review

Hello everyone, and welcome to another game review! Today, we will talk about a super fun game, Dice Legacy. Dice Legacy is a roguelike city builder, and the dice will decide every action you take. So hopefully, you will be lucky, and the die will help you gather resources, expand your borders, and explore the world around you. It also seems like a unique and fun game, as the die roll will decide your faith. I love these games, and Dice Legacy won some awards, so I was interested in checking it out.