🎲🤭 Dice RTS – Dice Legacy!

Our first visit into the Ring World of Dice Legacy! Let’s try this dice strategy game and see if its something for the channel 🙂 Our possible actions are decided by rolling dice. Each roll consumes some health points of the die. If it runs out, the die gets discarded. So we do have to manage not only the dice, but also what to do with the random results. There are many buildings to build. Our target is to survive first through hardships and harsh winters. Second we are trying to push back the invaders so that we can reach further along the ring world :3

Dice Legacy – Review

Hello everyone, and welcome to another game review! Today, we will talk about a super fun game, Dice Legacy. Dice Legacy is a roguelike city builder, and the dice will decide every action you take. So hopefully, you will be lucky, and the die will help you gather resources, expand your borders, and explore the world around you. It also seems like a unique and fun game, as the die roll will decide your faith. I love these games, and Dice Legacy won some awards, so I was interested in checking it out.