🔐🍞 How to easy unlock Toastie – Vampire Survivors – Early Access

Toastie is a secret Character of Vampire Survivors and a pretty powerful one. To unlock him you have to unlock Exdash first then either kill Green Death (Stalker) or Blue Death (Drowner) and then quickly press “down arrow” and “enter” on a keyboard. Then you will get a short Jingle and Toastie will appear on the lower left side of the screen. The best stage for this is the Bone Zone. Since Blue Death (Drowner) will always appear here. Just make sure you have Gorgeous Moon like shown in the video and keep your hands on the arrow keys 🙂

🗜️💀 1st Time BoneZone + Concetta – Vampire Survivors – Early Access

Finally its my first time going into the Bone Zone and we start with Concetta… and I can say I don’t like this new Shadow Pinion Weapon 😀 The Bone Zone is fine. The torches are only dropping coins and money bags. But this new weapon… It is getting dropped behind, then you need to stop moving to shoot it into the last direction you where moving. Not easy to control…