💣💥 What happens if Mortars explode? – RimWorld – Meat only and 1 Room only Challenge

So now we know for which ending we are going to go! It will be the new Archonexus Ending. So in order to trigger that we need 350.000 Wealth on our colony. Then we are going to take 5 colonists and 5 animals with us on a journey on a new colony in search for the other fragments. So in order to have the best people, we are going to create more bionic soldiers 🙂

👨‍🔧️💂The Rise of Thunust the Bio-Soldier – RimWorld – Meat only and 1 Room only Challenge

So we have decided to go for the Archonexus Ending. That means we need to reach a 350.000 Wealth on our colony. That’s going to take a while 😀 With floring and better equipments we are going to be able to do that. While going for that, let’s create our first own Bionics-Soldier. Thnust is a friend of the channel and since he already has a big Plasmasword, let’s go and upgrade him first 😀

Dice Legacy – Review

Hello everyone, and welcome to another game review! Today, we will talk about a super fun game, Dice Legacy. Dice Legacy is a roguelike city builder, and the dice will decide every action you take. So hopefully, you will be lucky, and the die will help you gather resources, expand your borders, and explore the world around you. It also seems like a unique and fun game, as the die roll will decide your faith. I love these games, and Dice Legacy won some awards, so I was interested in checking it out.