😊🐣 Getting a Kushala Daora – Monster Hunter Stories 2

I’m sorry for updating the last MHStories2 Episodes so late. Had a small problem with losing a stream :/ But here we are 🙂 In this episode we are looking for new Monsters. Especially a Kushala Daora. It looks so good! On the side, we are continuing to improve our Stygian Zinogre :3 I really like Dragon Attacks ♥

Battle Buddies And Where To Find Them – Monster Hunter Stories 2

When playing through Monster Hunter Stories 2, when visiting different areas you will meet a bunch of different characters, and you will be able to befriend them. Some of these characters will accompany you on your journey and will fight alongside you with their Monsties. And after you complete the main storyline, you will be able to change your battle buddies and have them fight with you. So if you don’t know how to do that, stick around so that you can always bring a buddy to fight with you!