Semi-Automate Tag Links on WordPress

After switching from Squarespace to WordPress I found some small challenges. One of them is linking tags withing a Page or Post. Its quite tedious. You would normally have to:

Mark the Text to Link
Copy Text to search for Tags
Hit CTRL+K or the link icon
Paste and Search for the correct link through pages of results…
Confirm the whole thing.
Urgs… so let’s speed that up with AHK! 😀

Cheating the Tag-System on Squarespace

As a software developer, I’ll always have to think about the user using my software. It does not matter if its an API for another system or if it is an user interface for a human. There can be system limits which do inhibits you from implementing a feature like you want, but sometimes its just overlooked. I hope that this is just overlooked.