Semi-Automate Tag Links on WordPress

After switching from Squarespace to WordPress I found some small challenges. One of them is linking tags withing a Page or Post. Its quite tedious. You would normally have to:

Mark the Text to Link
Copy Text to search for Tags
Hit CTRL+K or the link icon
Paste and Search for the correct link through pages of results…
Confirm the whole thing.
Urgs… so let’s speed that up with AHK! 😀

💖 Smile – A love song for my wife – by CasualBen

On 2nd of October is the Wedding Anniversary for me and my wife. Since I love her so much, i wanted to give her something unique. She really likes 80s / 90s music. So I though “Hey why not create a lovesong based on our meeting” :3 So i did it. Got some help from many nice people over at fiverr. I hope she likes it :3

One of the best for Twitch Overlays

I had one of the greatest artist for (twitch) streaming overlays. Now my stream will get a little upgrade and uniform look. I definitly got my moneys worth. So big shoutout to phsgraphix! Have a look at their great work over at Fiverr!

Cheating the Tag-System on Squarespace

As a software developer, I’ll always have to think about the user using my software. It does not matter if its an API for another system or if it is an user interface for a human. There can be system limits which do inhibits you from implementing a feature like you want, but sometimes its just overlooked. I hope that this is just overlooked.

A day in model region Eckernförde

Since 19th April 2021 Eckernförde was declared a model region for Corona. That means that all shops and restaurant can open with a concept. Even eating indoors with a negative Corona test. So I’ve told myself and my wife that we should use this time frame before the situation changes :D. After 1 year with Corona this will feel great.