🥶🧪 Tube Ice unlocked – Early Access – Idle Research

[E13 – Over 200.000 Kills per 2sec! – Early Access]

❓📺 What happened in this episode?
Ice has been unlocked once more! So we have to reset once more, but that is fine. Pushing to where we left of will not take long, but the potential is big! Soon we are gonna unlock the Dark Tubes *__*

❓🎮 What is Idle Research?
Idle Research is an Idle Game where you create Flasks, which then get turned into more Research to unlock even more Flasks and Mechanics. Just like an Idle Game there is Meta Progression through Prestige. Later we unlock different Game Modes like creating Ice or completely different styles with the Map and Arena. It is a fun Idle Game where you can just enjoy your time, even if you only have time to go for it once every other day.

💰🎮 If you like this game and want to play it yourself, then you can find Idle Research here:
* Steam: https://ift.tt/bhsiUTf

🎥 You can catch me live on Twitch: https://ift.tt/3sctKU9

🤗 If you like this, here are more Videos about Hero’s Hour:
* Review + Blog: TBD
* Tutorial: https://youtu.be/Y66H0tRDQdA
* Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk77f0LN8bjSRLBQre3vfY8qYdclJ9Sk6

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