🤖🦁 Fighting a Metal Lion? – How to dodge an Interview – Circus Electrique

[E05 – Fighting a Metal Lion – How to dodge an Interview]

❓📺 What happened in this episode?
Wrapping up the second Area and finally getting to meet Mr. Edwards the Creator of STEEM and the Circus Mechanique. But “suddenly” something goes awry and a mechanical lion has a “malfunction”… Yeah if anyone would believe that! Let’s wreck that thing with our Master Team!

❓🎮 What is Circus Electrique?
If you cross Darkest Dungeon, Steam Punk and a Circus then you will get Circus Electrique. On a grand reopening something goes wrong and many STEEM ™ powered gadgets turned into Brain Washing Maschines and London got cut of by some mysterious fog. We are gonna investigate why this is happening and we are gonna be protected by a Clown… and aHeavy Lifter? Wait what?!

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