👼🌚 Holy + Darkness = Good? – Double Healer Build – Madness 1 – Across the Obelisk

❓📺 What happened in this episode?

So we just unlocked the Madness Levels and we can go for our first run. I’m not finding a great new Combo I would like to try, so let us try going double Healer and take Zek on a ride. I think Zek would match better with a to unlock Healer, but that is what we get right now 😀

❓🎮 What is Across the Obelisk?
Across the Obelisk is a Roguelite Card Game with Party Building mechanics. You pick 4 out of 16 classes (12 to unlock) and go on a journey to find the lost princess from beyond the obelisk. While traveling you beat up monster in turn based battles with a lot of effects and great music. Each Map has different events which you can interact with. Also there are many elites to fight to grab their equipment afterwards ;). It is one of the best, maybe even my best Card Game played this year. What a great journey :3

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