🔬🏎️ Researching for more Upload Speed – Research Mk2 unlocked – Upload Simulator

❓📺 What happened in this episode?

Our journey into the internet is going pretty smoothly! The next big boost comes from researching more. The best way to boost that is by upgrading the research facility and then rebooting. Let us push even higher!

❓🎮 What is Upload Simulator?
Upload Simulator is an Idle Game available on Steam and Android. We are gonna download files and share them with the world. Earn some credits for that and then improve our equipment to upload everything to everyone. Will you get a copy too?

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If you want to read more about Hero’s Hour here is a list of interesting articles:

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If you want to read more about Hero’s Hour here is a list of interesting articles:

Hero’s Hour – Game Sheet

Hero’s Hour is an Hommage to Heroes of Might and Magic but as an Auto-Battler 😉 I played HOMM3 for hours with a friend and it was great! So with Hero’s Hour you choose a faction, build up your city, recruit units and go conquer the world with your heroes. Battles will happen automatically. You can still order a bit and cast magic. Just played a small test to check it out, now I already have 3 runs done. It is that good!

DeveloperBenjamin “ThingOnItsOwn” Hauer
PublisherGoblinz Studio, Maple Whispering
Release DateJanuary 31th, 2022
GenresLocal Co-Op, Strategy, Auto Battler, Turn-Based Strategy, Pixel Graphics, Fantasy, RPG, Turn-Based Tactics, Procedural Generation, Multiplayer, Singleplayer, 2D, Tactical, Level Editor, Strategy RPG, PvP, Atmospheric, Turn-Based, Grand Strategy
Playtime2h for a tiny map, but hundreds of hours for all maps and factions + Steam Workshop

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