🔥🦚 Burn Baby Burn! – How to unlock Wilbur and Zek – Across the Obelisk

❓📺 What happened in this episode?

Oh Yeah! We have a great Synergy going with Cornelius and Ottis. We stack 200 Burn and Sanctify with Ottis so that we can heal by hitting and with Cornelius we burn even more and deal over 400 Damage 😀 Besides that we finally get our first Run through the End! YEAH! Let’s go!

❓🎮 What is Across the Obelisk?
Across the Obelisk is a Roguelite Card Game with Party Building mechanics. You pick 4 out of 16 classes (12 to unlock) and go on a journey to find the lost princess from beyond the obelisk. While traveling you beat up monster in turn based battles with a lot of effects and great music. Each Map has different events which you can interact with. Also there are many elites to fight to grab their equipment afterwards ;). It is one of the best, maybe even my best Card Game played this year. What a great journey :3

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