🗼🏝️ Tower Defence on Floating Cities – Nobody intents to build a wall… – Isle of Arrows

❓📺 What happened in this episode?

I like me some Tower Defence Games and Isle of Arrows is a nice pick for this Genre. On a grid based Island floating in the sky we are gonna invest our money to extend roads and buy more defense towers. Can we protect our city?

❓🎮 What is Isle of Arrows?
Isle of Arrows is a Tower Defender who is gonna take you for a ride. You need to protect against waves of enemies while building through trying to manage the small space you have available on your Island. Should you invest in a longer road? More Towers? Utility? Or should you extend the Island? But wait! Another Spawn Point just appeared and now you have to protect 2 paths! A great new spin on Tower Defence Games. So try it yourself.

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If you want to read more about Hero’s Hour here is a list of interesting articles:

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If you want to read more about Hero’s Hour here is a list of interesting articles:

Hero’s Hour – Game Sheet

Hero’s Hour is an Hommage to Heroes of Might and Magic but as an Auto-Battler 😉 I played HOMM3 for hours with a friend and it was great! So with Hero’s Hour you choose a faction, build up your city, recruit units and go conquer the world with your heroes. Battles will happen automatically. You can still order a bit and cast magic. Just played a small test to check it out, now I already have 3 runs done. It is that good!

DeveloperBenjamin “ThingOnItsOwn” Hauer
PublisherGoblinz Studio, Maple Whispering
Release DateJanuary 31th, 2022
GenresLocal Co-Op, Strategy, Auto Battler, Turn-Based Strategy, Pixel Graphics, Fantasy, RPG, Turn-Based Tactics, Procedural Generation, Multiplayer, Singleplayer, 2D, Tactical, Level Editor, Strategy RPG, PvP, Atmospheric, Turn-Based, Grand Strategy
Playtime2h for a tiny map, but hundreds of hours for all maps and factions + Steam Workshop

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