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I just stumbled on this on our recent Twitch Stream so it can still be optimized to be even more broken. So what is happening? We have ~700 Mana… always… for every fight… forever 😀 No units needed, no artifacts, nothing really special. So what can you do with this? How about making the game break and stutter with the amount of Elementals you can summon? Just bonkers 😀

How to

Its pretty easy to setup. You need to start with Delirium and get the Tome of Knowledge. The Tome of Knowledge grants your Delirium Hero 1 Knowledge for each known Spell (and once -2 defense… but that is negligible). So that should give you at least 20-30 Knowledge for your starter City alone. Pretty good to start with.

Then we need to conquer an Arcane city. Why? Because Arcane has a building called Ziggurat. Which says “Restore 2 Mana to each hero per turn. Restores full Mana to any hero stopping in town”. Why is that crucial?

You see Delirium has a feature called Lost Tavern. This is replacing the normal Tavern. You cannot recruit normal heroes here. Instead you can recruit Avatars. Avatars can be used like normal heroes (mostly). But they don’t have Mana on their own, or their own inventory. They share almost everything with your main hero. That includes:

  • Talents
  • Inventory
  • Stats like Attack, Defence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Spellpower, Luck and Morale
  • Mana!!!

So what we are going to do is park an Avatar at an Arcane City where a Ziggurat has been build and BAM! Infinite Mana for our Main Hero AND all Avatars! So now you can cast all your Mana every fight, without even the need to have a single unit yourself 😀

How to optimize

So there are some ways to make the most use out of this. Here are some of my ideas:


The first Avatar will just cost 1.000 gold and he has to be stuck at the Arcane City. But after that every other Avatar is another Apocalypse for your enemies. You don’t need units. You are creating your own. Just get more Avatars and each one can cast for infinite Mana every fight. There will be nothing to stop you 😀 Imagine having 20 Avatars all over the Map, able to move and cast the world into oblivion :O 😀

Artifact Sets

  • Mesmer’s Set will allow you to keep 50% of summoned units… wait what? ehm… really?… are you sure? Ok that will be broken as hell…


  • Creation -> The Creation Talent shapes Elementals at the end of a fight. This depends on the amount of Mana used. So you will get a lot of free units.
  • Bloodwarping -> A lot of enemies are dying so with this, you can turn your small Elementals into big powerful units. You might even devour them if you fancy that 😀
  • Potency -> Increases the cost and power of your spells. With infinite Mana the cost does not matter 😀
  • X-mancy ->All the elemental specialization are going to be good for this.
  • Summoning -> Just make more units to conquer everything
  • Mysticism -> Bigger better spells are always appreciated

If you want to read more about Hero’s Hour here is a list of interesting articles:

YouTube Releases

If you want to read more about Hero’s Hour here is a list of interesting articles:

Hero’s Hour – Game Sheet

Hero’s Hour is an Hommage to Heroes of Might and Magic but as an Auto-Battler 😉 I played HOMM3 for hours with a friend and it was great! So with Hero’s Hour you choose a faction, build up your city, recruit units and go conquer the world with your heroes. Battles will happen automatically. You can still order a bit and cast magic. Just played a small test to check it out, now I already have 3 runs done. It is that good!

DeveloperBenjamin “ThingOnItsOwn” Hauer
PublisherGoblinz Studio, Maple Whispering
Release DateJanuary 31th, 2022
GenresLocal Co-Op, Strategy, Auto Battler, Turn-Based Strategy, Pixel Graphics, Fantasy, RPG, Turn-Based Tactics, Procedural Generation, Multiplayer, Singleplayer, 2D, Tactical, Level Editor, Strategy RPG, PvP, Atmospheric, Turn-Based, Grand Strategy
Playtime2h for a tiny map, but hundreds of hours for all maps and factions + Steam Workshop

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