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It is the start of our HowTo Play Series for Hero’s Hour. Don’t worry we will still check out all the other Factions. But I wanna play more off stream 😉 Today we will start with Lanzo from the Order Faction. Our main strategy will be to go Bloodwarping. This Talent will transform our small units into more powerful ones. To support this we will increase Rallying and Mastery.

How to

After combat, allows the hero to transform some of their basic creatures into elite creatures. Amount depends on number of enemies killed and especially amount of own units lost.


So we want to kill many enemies and lose our own smaller units. Then we get some powerful units like Paladins back. I would say that is a good trade. So we do want small units to die, then warp their blood back into stronger units. With the new units we can fight more 🙂

So on a small map we do want to rush down the enemy asap. On a larger map I would like to fight more so that I can bloodwarp even more units and grow stronger.


Build Order

The Town will always be ordered randomly, so I can only give a general guideline on this.

Highest Priority

  • Tavern -> Recruit 2 Heroes to improve your first army
  • Infirmary -> Get your lost units back to reform them once more
  • Blacksmith -> Good tanky units with Swordsman
  • Armory -> Get ranged units
  • Marketplace -> Unlock the third row
  • Centre of Order -> More Money

Normal Priority

  • More Units to open up mines and artifacts
  • More Gold to buy mentioned units and buy units through the diplomacy talent



  • Mastery -> To get more Militia/Halberdiers per Week which can be transformed
  • Bloodwarping -> To transform small units into bigger elite creatures
  • Offense -> Improve our Melee Units
  • Recruitment -> More basic units to transform and big units to keep
  • Tactics -> More units on the field = more power and more dead small units

Talent Tree

Highest Priority

  • Mastery 1
  • Rallying 2
  • Mastery 2
  • Bloodwarping 1 -> Really Important Step!
  • Offense 1
  • Recruitment or Tactics
  • Then repeat for further Levels

After reaching Level 5

  • Diplomacy -> More Units
  • Leadership -> More Morale
  • Legion -> Stronger Units, especially the smalls ones get a good boost

If you want to read more about Hero’s Hour here is a list of interesting articles:

YouTube Releases

If you want to read more about Hero’s Hour here is a list of interesting articles:

Hero’s Hour – Game Sheet

Hero’s Hour is an Hommage to Heroes of Might and Magic but as an Auto-Battler 😉 I played HOMM3 for hours with a friend and it was great! So with Hero’s Hour you choose a faction, build up your city, recruit units and go conquer the world with your heroes. Battles will happen automatically. You can still order a bit and cast magic. Just played a small test to check it out, now I already have 3 runs done. It is that good!

DeveloperBenjamin “ThingOnItsOwn” Hauer
PublisherGoblinz Studio, Maple Whispering
Release DateJanuary 31th, 2022
GenresLocal Co-Op, Strategy, Auto Battler, Turn-Based Strategy, Pixel Graphics, Fantasy, RPG, Turn-Based Tactics, Procedural Generation, Multiplayer, Singleplayer, 2D, Tactical, Level Editor, Strategy RPG, PvP, Atmospheric, Turn-Based, Grand Strategy
Playtime2h for a tiny map, but hundreds of hours for all maps and factions + Steam Workshop

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