How to use Amiibo – Monster Hunter Stories 2

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One of the advantages of owning Monster Hunter Stories 2 on the Nintendo Switch, is that you get to buy, and use Amiibo to help you in the game. So if you already bought some Amiibo, and you’re a little lost on how to use them, then this article will for sure help you. Here I will teach you how to use them, and some of the rewards you can get by using a certain type of Amiibo.

How Do They Work

After buying your Amiibo, here is what you’re going to do. First, you’re going to hop into the game, and after doing so, you are going to head for the quest board, and interact with the prayer pot that is next to it. You can do this in any town, so don’t worry about being in a specific town. After interacting with the pot, choose the option to use an Amiibo, and if you’re using a pro-controller, take your Amiibo, and place it in the center of the controller. And if you’re using a joy-con, take the Amiibo and place it in the right control stick. After doing that, a cut scene will happen, where Tsukino will appear and read your fortune, and reward you with the moon blessing, which will give you some random items.

However, you can use some special Amiibo, that will give you a specific reward. There are only three specific Monster Hunter Stories 2 Amiibo that you can use in the game, and here is what each one of them will give you. The Razewing Ratha Amiibo when used will give you a red layered armor, but this armor is only cosmetic. Using the Tsukino Amiibo will also reward you with cosmetic armor, called the Tsukino layered armor. And the last special Amiibo that will give you a unique reward, is the Ena Amiibo. Using it will give reward you with Ena, and Kyle layered armor, which is also only cosmetic. These are the three unique Amiibo that can be used in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

You will also get a special reward if you use any Amiibo from the Monster Hunter Rise game. Using them will give you a special sticker that you can use to communicate in multiplayer mode. Also, if you have any of the original Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo, using any of them will unlock a special Hakum Rider outfit. And after using all these Amiibo once, using them again will reward you with a couple of random items. So remember, that you will only get unique rewards when using them for the first time.

So this is how you use Amiibo in Monster Hunter Stories 2. It is pretty simple, and the rewards you get can help you in the game, while also giving you some pretty cool cosmetics. So if you have any Amiibo laying around, even if they’re not from Monster Hunter, you can still use them.

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