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If you’re not familiar with the egg decoder, then you have no idea what you’re missing. It is a pretty simple tool that will help always to know what Monstie will hatch from an egg. It is an extremely easy thing to use, and with just a few clicks, you can always know if hatching an egg is worth it. This way you can work on completing your Monstie collection, and not have to get stressed by not being sure what a certain type of egg will give you.

How Does It Work?

Well, it is pretty simple. First, you just need to go ahead and access this site. When in it, there will be plenty of egg patterns for you to choose from, so you go there, click the one that matches with yours. It will then show you all types of colors that egg has, and the next step is to also choose the one that matches with yours, select it, and there you go! It will then show you the kind of mostie inside that egg. This is something great for players who want to get every single type of monstie and will help you reach that goal quicker and more easily.

This tool is pretty self-explanatory, and to be honest, really easy to use, and very very helpful. This way you can avoid wasting your time hatching duplicates, and always know what an egg is going to give you. And in case you’re not familiar with how to get eggs, or rare eggs, here is how you do it by entering dens, and if you’re looking for rare ones only, be sure to go to rare dens. When looking for the best egg, you’re going to want one that is heavy and smelly. Also, the more advanced you are in the game, you will come across even better types of eggs. There are also visual representations that will help you know what type of egg it is, a normal egg will look, well, normal. A rare egg is going to have a golden light on it, and the rarest type of egg will have a rainbow light on it! There is also a way for you to boost your chance of receiving eggs of higher quality, and you can do that by using the gathering charm at the village pot, and by offering a finding prayer. The gathering charm will increase your chances of finding rarer items, and the finding prayer raises the chance of an egg having rare genes.

Should You Use It?

Yes! You should use this decoder, it will make your life way easier. With this tool, you can complete your monstie collection in no time, and you will finally be able to have every single monstie. So be sure to go and use the egg decoder, you can access it by clicking right here. Now go out there, and good luck on hunting for all eggs and monsties that you need.

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