Battle Buddies And Where To Find Them – Monster Hunter Stories 2

When playing through Monster Hunter Stories 2, when visiting different areas you will meet a bunch of different characters, and you will be able to befriend them. Some of these characters will accompany you on your journey and will fight alongside you with their Monsties. And after you complete the main Storyline, you will be able to change your battle buddies and have them fight with you. So if you don’t know how to do that, stick around so that you can always bring a buddy to fight with you!

Where To Find Them


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You can also have Ena accompany you, and you can find her next to the elder in Rutoh Village. She will follow you around in the field, but it is important to know that she won’t join you in battle.


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You can find Kayna close to the stables in Mahana Village, she will help you in battle alongside her Velocidrome, and will use a sword and shield as her weapon.


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Alwin can also be found in Rutoh Village, and he will help you in battle with his bow and arrow, and his Legiana. 


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On the western side of Kuan Village you will find Avinia at her house. She uses a monster horn and has a Barioth as her Monstie.


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In the north of Lulucion, you can recruit Reverto, who uses a great sword.

Kyle and Tsukino

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You will also find Kyle not far from Reverto, and you can have him and Tsukino join your party. He uses a bow as a weapon.


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The last buddy you can recruit is Cheval, and you can find him in Nua Te Village, he has a Rathian as his Monstie and uses a sword and shield as his weapon.

Who Is The Best Buddy?

All of these are great buddies to have help in your battle, but here is a list of which ones are the best to have in your party:

  • Avinia is a great partner, as she uses the monster horn, and will mainly focus on healing and giving you buffs, making her great support.
  • If you wanna have an offensive partner then Reverto is you partner. He is great at dealing tons of damage, and will often deal even more damage than you.

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