How to get Kinship Level 9 and 9 Star Quests – Monster Hunter Stories 2

In this article I will teach how to, well, I’m pretty sure the title gave it away already, but how to get kinship level nine, and start quests level nine. However, remember that this content can only be accessed after you finish the game. So if you’re still not done with the main story, finish it, and then come back to read this so that you can discover how to access this post-game content.

What To Do

So, after you’re done defeating the last boss, be sure to return to Mahana Village, and in there, you will be able to find a new NPC. If you don’t pay close attention, you might not find em, even though this NPC is in a pretty normal place. This NPC is the scrivener, and you will find her at your house. Proceed to talk to her, and she will give you a letter. So be sure to check your inventory after that, go to your key items, and search for the clerk’s letter. This letter will tell you that the clerk has some information for you and that you should go talk to them in Lulucion. Your next step is to fast travel there and talk to the clerk. She will be sitting near the fountain, and talking to her will unlock the deviant quest line at the end. But to be able to do this, you must first complete all of her previous quests. She will lead you to your first hunt, where you must find and kill a Silverwind Nargacuga, and doing so will level up your kinship level up to level nine, and unlock nine-star quests. And defeating these deviants in offline mode will also allow you to play the quest online.

Fighting against these deviants won’t be easy, but it is worth it, as every deviant also has a brand new armor set, and to be completely honest, some of these armors are super cool. This of course means that you will also get new weapons, but sadly not for every type. You might need to hunt them a couple of times to collect all of the necessary parts, as they won’t appear unless you have all of them. This is super important, so if you already finished the game, and you think that you’re all done, be sure to follow these steps so that you can find some new quests for you to do, that will reward you with some amazing new armor and weapons.


This adds more hours for you to enjoy playing Monster Hunter Stories 2, and it’s important to know that you can get your kinship up to level 9 and that you can also get access to nine-star quests. So if you had no idea about this, then what are you waiting for? Go play the game, and go out there hunt these new monsters. And remember that you can also do these missions in Multiplayer mode.

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