RimWorld – Ideology DLC

What is Ideology about?

RimWorld got a new DLC and a big Update. So today I will be talking about what’s new in this Update and what you can expect in the Ideology DLC. Brand new Stuff is coming our way so stay tuned!

Ideology DLC

Belief System

The Ideology DLC adds a new mechanic to the game, that gives each person in the game something called a belief system. This belief system will define social roles for leaders, skill specialists, and moral guides. This system will make characters perform certain types of rituals, and it can go from easygoing festivals to some crazy sacrifices. This will change how they choose their food, how technology advances, it will overall affect everything. You are also able to customize everything, and create your own stories, and let your imagination run wild. So with the ideology expansion, you are given way more freedom to create your own story, making the experience of playing the game more unique.

The Ideology DLC adds something called memes, and each one of them represents a core idea in the belief system. The belief system is built around 1 to 4 memes. There is also something called precept that is a rule or guideline that will affect behavior and preference. People are also able to convert other people to their own beliefs, and sometimes that can lead to conflict. You can also assign social roles to characters, and each of them will have a different and unique effect. Some other new additions are rituals, that can help you attract recruits, or lead to discovering ancient complexes filled with treasure and loot.

These new Ideologies will turn into brand new Playthrough that are way more stricter than just going with “Traits” only. As example a Cannibal Run with matching Ideology will also give you Mood Debuffs if you are not able to supply the right food.

Dryads – Your new best friends

A mysterious kind of tree can occasionally appear near your colony, and a colonist can interact with it in a special ceremony and create a strong connection with some small creatures known as dryads, and strengthening this connection will give the option to influence these dryads.

There are the following types of dryads:

  • Carrier -> Can move your Items with 50 Capacity. Cannot refuel Generators.
  • Barkskin -> Tanky Fighter
  • Clawer -> Offensive Melee Fighter
  • Woodmaker -> Creates 32 Wood every 2 days
  • Medicinemaker -> Creates 4 Herbal Medicine each 2 days
  • Berrymaker -> Creates 40 Berries each 2 days
  • Gaumaker -> Creates new Gauranlen Pods (more Dryad Trees)

@todo Barkskin and Hauler are great

Prisoners turning into Slaves

You are now able to turn Prisoners into Slaves. They will be able to move to almost all the places in your base and they can fully work for you. In order to use this “free” workforce, you have to suppress them each day. They still can revolt or flee, but its a great addition if you need more manpower.

Buildables and Quests

There are new buildings available, additional quests have been added or you can go on relic hunts. And in the endgame, you will be given the option to sell your colony, and start a new one, with only your favorite animals and colonists, but in return, you will receive a map that leads to the Archonexus. This is almost a game reset, and your objective is to be able to collect the remaining pieces of the map, and finally go to the Archonexus, and officially end the game in a new way.

Ideology DLC Conclussion

As you can see, there is a lot of new content that has been added to the game, and you now have even more control of how you want your story to unfold. The Ideology DLC is amazing, and if you’re a fan of RimWorld, be sure to buy it.

Free Stuff with Update 1.3

Pens and Fences

The new Pen System allows us to auto-create a Zone for animals. Also we can see how much food is in there and if its big enough. But the more important part is that we can use this Pen System now to automatically assign Slaughtering of excessive animals. No more need to go through a long list, just set up once and forget (for each pen…). Its a good improvement as soon as you understand the new system.

Just make sure that you do not build a normal door between the Pen and the Food Building. Animals can only pass through Animal Flaps. These Animal Flaps also behave like doors, but animals can pass. Temperature behaves the same as with normal doors.


There is a new breach Raid with which the Raiders will try to get through your base with special equipment. Lets see how deadly they can become with Randy 😀

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Egg boxes now help you collect from your chicken barn
  • Search Bars have been added to most menu’s -> Really helpful
  • Drag+Move on Drafted Colonist is now in the base game
  • Drafted Colonists also now can be assigned to rescue
  • Colonist are allowed to carry medicine around with them
  • Beards are unlocked

Free Stuff Conclusion

I love playing RimWorld, and the challenge that we set ourselves by having only Pyromaniacs will for sure end up giving us some unexpected challenges. We will continue with this run and I can’t wait to play more with you guys.

If you like games of this genre, you will absolutely love RimWorld. The game can prove to be a bit challenging, but the game has an in-game teaching system that watches your actions, and helps you with notifications, and shows you how to do it.

Do my Mods have to be updated?

As with all bigger Upgrades most Mods needs an update. So lets hope that our favorite QoL Mods gets and update soon.

Where to buy?

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If you want to relax in your own timely manner then come watch me on YouTube:

S01 – Pyromaniac only

S02 – Sickly only

If you want to read more about RimWorld here is list of interesting articles:

YouTube Releases

If you want to read more about RimWorld here is list of interesting articles:

RimWorld – Game Sheet

After having their space liner crash into a planet, they must now build a new colony to survive! Right at the start, four different modes can be chosen, but for this run, we will choose the classic/story mode. In it, we have more resources available to us, and we start with three people on our crew.

In this colony, we will have to manage our crew, as they can get sick and hurt, as we will have to fight off against pirates, animals, hostile tribes, among other enemies. As our colonies grows, we can also take in refugees and add them to our crew.

We will choose one of the three available AI storytellers, and this choice will affect how the game will play. Cassandra classic offers a more fair experience, and the longer we play, the harder it will get. Phoebe Chillax gives players a lot of time in between events. And lastly, we have Randy Random who generates completely random events.

DeveloperLudeon Studios
PublisherLudeon Studios
Release DateOctober 17, 2018
GenresColony Sim, Base Building, Survival, Strategy, Management, Sandbox, Building, Simulation, Singleplayer, Space, 2D
PlaytimeToo much 😀 I’ve already ~800h in this game
Ludeon Studios, 2016
Ludeon Studios 2018
Create Character Sickly Challenge - RimWorld
Ludeon Studios, 2016
Ludeon Studios, 2016
Ludeon Studios, 2016
Ludeon Studios, 2016
Small Village on Sickly Challenge - RimWorld
Ludeon Studios, 2016
Ludeon Studios, 2016

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