Semi-Automate Tag Links on WordPress

After switching from Squarespace to WordPress I found some small challenges. One of them is linking tags withing a Page or Post. Its quite tedious. You would normally have to:

  • Mark the Text to Link
  • Copy Text to search for Tags
  • Hit CTRL+K or the link icon
  • Paste and Search for the correct link through pages of results…
  • Confirm the whole thing.

Urgs… so let’s speed that up with AHK! 😀

What is AutoHotkey (AHK)?

AutoHotkey (AHK) Download Screen - casual-ben
casual-ben 2021

There is a cool program called AutoHotkey. Its a tool that let’s you create a scripts which will do what we want. You can do many things with AutoHotkey or AHK. Like using hot-string, so if you type “kr,” it could automatically transform that to “Kind Regards,” or whatever you want.

Semi Automatic Tag Linking

; this is our keyboard combination. ^ = Ctrl and ! = Alt and v = v :D
	; copy clipboard
	clip := trim(clipboard)
	; remove chars I don't want to have
	clip := StrReplace(clip, " ", "-")
	clip := StrReplace(clip, "'", "-")
	; setup link
	link := "/blog/tag/" . clip
	stringlower, link, link
	; enter link menu
	Send ^{k}
	sleep, 50

	; post link and confirm
	send, % link
	sleep, 50
	Send {enter}

; necessary to show that this command is finished

Paste the code into an “.ahk” file and start that. You’ll see a small green icon in your system tray. Lets test

Article of Protection

Turn into

Article of Protection

Hehehe, nice. That will speed up the tag linking quite good.

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