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Hello everyone, and welcome! Today we’re going to dive a little deeper into how exactly armor works in the game, and also how important it is. I’ll be talking about how you can get more armor, how to reduce your enemy’s armor, and tell how why is it so important. Armor is great for helping you survive your run, and it is also a great way to make your enemy weaker so that you can deal more damage, and make fights easier.

How does Armor work?

Wyrdhunter using an Overhead Swing - Tainted Grail: Conquest
Awaken Realms Digital 2021
Awaken Realms Digital 2021

It is pretty simple to explain how armor works. The more you have, the less damage you will receive. For example, if you have 50 armor, you will receive 50% less damage, so if an enemy hits you for 100 damage and you have 50 armor, you will only receive 50 damage. That is why it is so important to have a lot of armor. Additionally the same applies to your enemy. If they have good armor you deal less armor. If the enemy armor is negative you deal more damage. Armor can range from +75 to -500. Sometimes its good to go over +75 just to have a small buffer to not die. There are many Cards, Passive and Runestones in the game that can increase or decrease Armor so make sure to take some with you.

How to get more Armor?

There are many ways for you to get more armor, and one of the best ones is by talking to the Seamstress. She offers all kinds of upgrades, and armor is one of them. By using the blood that is dropped from enemies, you can upgrade your armor up to five tiers. For every tier, you begin a run with plus 5 armor. This is amazing since it is a permanent boost, so be sure to focus on upgrading your armor first since it will make your runs easier. This is even more important to make the Summoners and Range Classes more viable. The Summoner is protected by the Golem which depends on your Armor. The Ranged Classes do depend on Armor to generate Barrier. So without some Upgrades here you really need an early Ethel Runestone to start going.

The main Runestone for Armor is an Ethel which gives you flat 10 Armor per Slot. Level 2 gives 17 and Level 3 gives 30 Armor. A small trick here is to take 2 separate Ethel Runestones instead of combining 3. 2 Level 1 Ethel Runestone will give you 2×10 Armor and 1 Level 2 Ethel Runestone will only give you 17. Small MinMaxing.

Certain classes have passives that will give them armor, for example, the Berserker, his Fortified Entrance passive makes it that he starts every combat with 75 armor for one turn. He also has another passive called Bulwark, which gives him 40 armor when his health is below 25%. Other classes also have passives that can grant them extra armor, so be sure to pay attention when choosing your passives, as there are many that will give you extra armor, some of them will require you to be at a certain % of life, while others might give you armor for using a certain type of card.

Additionally there are cards that can be used to buff your Armor. But I would argue that having a base boost is better than to depend on drawing specific cards to survive. Although if you are able to kill fast enough, you do not need high Armor. That is also a way to stay safe.

There is also one item that can give you armor, the Stagfather’s Charm. However, it is risky to use it, since it has an 80% chance of killing you. But if you’re lucky enough, it will completely heal you, give you a 150% damage bonus, give you 75 armor, will draw three cards and three energy. This item is a meme and should not really be used.

How to reduce Enemies Armor?

To be able to reduce your enemy’s armor is pretty much the same way that you can gain armor. You will be mostly be using cards to get that effect and every class has some cards that will reduce armor. Doing that is extremely important, it doesn’t matter which class you’re playing, but there are some classes that really shine by reducing the enemy’s armor. Sentinel and Zealot are two classes become extremely strong by buffing themselves and reducing their target’s armor.  As an example, Sentinel has a passive called Rupturing Shot, that each hit has a 10% chance of reducing the enemy’s armor by 10. Again, all classes will have passives that can either give them armor or help them reduce their enemy’s armor. Same with the Death Mask of Summoning Classes which flat out reduces the Armor of Enemies by 20 for each Hit in the next 5 turns. Amazing Card to have.

There are three items that are great for reducing an enemy’s armor, and since they are items, you can use them more frequently. The first one is the Acid Bomb, it reduces the armor of all enemies by 50 for two turns. We then have the Acid Flask, which reduces one enemy armor by 100, and the last one is the Berserker Potion, which gives the target 100% damage while reducing his armor by 50.

Another good way of removing Armor is too Stun them again, while they are still stunned. If you do that the Armor gets permanently reduced by 25 for each additional Stun. Good for a Stun build like our Stun Wyrdhunter.

And the last thing that can help us reduce the enemy’s armor is runes. For example, the Gweorth rune, when equipped to the weapon slot, will reduce all enemy armor by 5/8/15 until the end of combat. This is extremely strong, as it will make fights easier the longer they go on.

If you want to beat hard enemies or bosses or just want to go into higher difficulties make sure to prioritize armor shredding. Without this you are not going to survive long enough to tell stories.

Armor is important

Hopefully, this helped you realize the importance of armor in the game, and how it is not only important to have as much armor as possible, but how helpful it can be to have skills, items, and runes to reduce your enemy armor. Having a good understanding of how armor works will for sure make the game easier for you, especially if you plan to make runs in harder difficulties. Not only is armor essential to keep you alive, reducing your enemy’s armor will make it easier for you to win fights. As said you could go and ignore armor if you depend on something else. Killing on turn 1, Stunning all Enemies or Blocking all Hits are also great ways to survive. But the easiest is to kill fast AND reduce Armor while doing so, to kill even faster.

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