💖 Smile – A love song for my wife – by CasualBen

On 2nd of October is the Wedding Anniversary for me and my wife. Since I love her so much, i wanted to give her something unique. She really likes 80s / 90s music. So I though “Hey why not create a lovesong based on our meeting” :3 So i did it. Got some help from many nice people over at fiverr. I hope she likes it :3

Our Story

We met at my martial arts dojo, where she wanted to learn self defense. We had the same way home, so we walked along each other and started to know each other. She is a pharmacist and 10 years older. That age difference and a trauma from the past was very hard for her to let me be by her side. I’ve said that I’ll wait for her until she will be ready. Sitting on a bench after training , talking for hours into the night and me getting colds every now and then, because I’d give her my jacket but be cold myself… XD then after some time we wanted to go running together, but on the way a rain shower told us to stop under a pavilion. Their was the time for us to say to love each other, embrace and crying because we were happy 😊.

What to take from this?

If you really like a woman, take your time. Time to know each other, time to realize feelings, time to spent together. Do not push, but still say that you will wait for her decisions. If she is not into you, then so be it. But if you like her and there is a chance, then give her a chance too! It might turn unbelievable :3

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