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What are Runestones?

Runestones can are little stones with Nordic engravings that seem to hold some mysterious power. You can use these Runestones and equip them with either your weapon or armor slots. The same Runestone will offer different types of bonuses if it is equipped in a weapon or armor slot. Runestone can be differentiated in 3 different rarities: common, rare and mythical. Mythical Runestones do not mean they will always be the best. And rare Runestones are not always better than commons too. So check the effect and build accordingly.

You can have up to three slots maximum for armor and weapon. To get more slots you will need to talk with the blacksmith. He offers you an upgrade to unlock the 2nd armor and weapon slot. The blacksmith is also the one, where you unlock rare and mystical Runestones. Besides he sells some Runestones each run too. The blacksmith is extremely important, so be sure to upgrade his abilities so you can access all that he has to offer. To unlock the third Runestone slot you have to fight the treasure guardians on your run. There is a good chance that you get either an armor or weapons slot as a result.

How to farm Runestones and Runestone Dust

To get the unlocks from the blacksmith you need something called Runestone Dust. Runestone Dust is a currency you get if you merge Runestones. If you have 3 of the same type and rarity you can merge them to level them up. On the side you get Runestone Dust. But how to get more Runestone Dust faster?

If you’re looking for a way to farm Runestone dust, the first thing to get is to upgrade the blacksmith’s skill called “Runestone Drop Chance Boost”. If possible try upgrading it to tier 3 with a high priority.

The blacksmith is also important to visit at the end of your run. See if he sells a Runestone you already hold 2 from. Then buy that, merge and voila you have more Runestone Dust.

The main way of getting Runestones is after a fight. Depending on your unlocks you can get none or many Runestones of different rarities.

Other than buying runestones, you can also go to the Windmill and battle enemies there to farm Runestones, however, it is recommended that you do this only after reaching max level. Also, if you die in the Windmill, your run won’t die, your HP will go down to 1, so you can heal yourself and keep going. Nice spot to farm currency!

During your journey, you can also come across Futhark, a child that can offer you three random runestones, one specific runestone, or one random rare Runestone. Encountering him is a great way to earn some more runes.

On the run you also have chance to meet the Rune Carrier. The Rune Carrier has not only one of the best voice overs (hihi), he also sells you a big chunk of Runestones. So if you find him, buy everything you can. Those Runestones you can use, use them, those that are unusable, merge them and get some Runestone Dust.

The Training Grounds also give you a choice. If you go with “Hit me with all you’ve got” you will get a mythical Runestone as a reward.

If you have finished the Countess Questline then they will also sell you Runestones. You have to pay with health, but you can choose a specific, common, rare or mythical Runestone. If you don’t need one, you can one just to merge.

Same with the Tavern and Drunkard. If you kill him in a fight, there is a chance to drop some Runestones.

In the end, it is up to luck if you’re going to be able to find and create all the exact types of runes that you want. You should also try and upgrade your Runestones so that they can be even more effective.

But you can increase your luck quite good, if you run a class that is good at farming. I’ve a Tier List for that.

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Tainted Grail: Conquest – Game Sheet

Your life as it was, is no more. You awake on hearing the voice of a goat person? Strange monsters are conjured and now you have to fight? Whats happening? Lets explore! And that exploration is kinda unique for a card based rogue-like. You can travel through the land and decide which fight to take and when. But if you take too much time the Wyrdness will come get you. A mist that will not let you escape.

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