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Hey everyone! Today we’re gonna talk about, well, I guess the title gave it away already, but how to play stun Wyrdhunter. This will be a little series on how to play different classes, and we will begin by talking about the main mechanics of the Wyrdhunter.

The Wyrdhunter – Basics

Character Selection Screen Wyrdhunter - Tainted Grail: Conquest
Awaken Realms Digital 2021
Awaken Realms Digital 2021

The Wyrdhunter ist the first class you get to play on Tainted Grail: Conquest. Its main focus is to hit multiple times to inflict Vulnerable after 4 hits on the same target. These hits do not have to be on the same turn. After an enemy is hit with the Vulnerable Debuff, all the other hits on that turn deal 75% more damage. That’s a really big damage increase. Additionally for every hit you dish out your Ultimate Ability is charged. For each of your ultimate charge the special attack deals 25% more damage. So at 16 charges that is 400% more damage. Lets summarize this:

  • Hit as many times to charge your ultimate
  • Hit the same target 4 times to inflict Vulnerable for even more damage

So how can we improve on the base mechanics? There are multiple ways:

  • AOE (Area of Effect) Hits are big Charges for your Ultimate
  • Attacks that attack multiple times are key to inflict Vulnerable
  • Passives that are “on hit, do that” are good to pick
  • Runestones that gives us free cards for more hits are also really nice
  • As Defence we will take the Stun route. Since if they cannot attack, they won’t deal damage. Also there is Shield Slam an AOE Hit+Stun.

Lets see how we can combine these with the possible Cards, Passives, Runestone and Items.

The Deck

Lets first have a look at our possible deck:

  • Small Strikes are better than the normal Attack, since they cost the same, but hit multiple times
  • Random Attack is an Attack, a Stun and also Armor Reduction
  • Skullcracker as a big Hit and also through Cleave an AOE
  • Since we’re are playing a Stun Deck an Executioners Strike is really good. Sadly its only Single Target
  • Stunning Blow as a 50% chance for Stun, but also a hit.
  • Shield Slam AOE Hit+Stun ist one of the best cards you can get. If you can draw this card each turn, you won 😀
  • Tactical Mastery is always nice to have, if we did not draw what we want

In order to make sure that we draw what we want, we have to make sure, that all unnecessary cards are removed. Have a look at my tutorial on thin deck here.


Passives do rely a little bit on Luck, but if we can choose we would take the following:

  • Hunter Marks is our basic Passive to deal Vulnerable after 4 hits
  • Heavy Opening helps us win on Turn 1
  • Shock on A Stun Build is immense. Every Vulnerable is also a Stun and as you know: If an enemy is stunned while stunned Armor is reduced by 50!
  • Desire to Fight for Turn 1 wins
  • Blood on Fire means more Damage in general
  • Killing Spree lets us use our Ultimate on Turn 1
  • Acceleration gives us 10 Ultimate Charges at the start of Battle. Means more Ultimate. More Ultimate = More Damage on each Turn
  • Cleaving gives our Ultimate an AOE
  • We did not get it but Sardonic Wrath for DOUBLE Damage on stunned enemies would be HUGE

In this tutorial we do have some Utility Passives which are totally fine, but not high priority:

  • Combat Flow gives us +100% damage and 1 card draw after playing 3 cards on the same turn.
  • Eternal Return gives you 2 Ultimate Charges at the start of each turn.
  • Heavy Opening grants you double damage on the first hit in combat. Nice for a Skullcracker
  • Body of Steel is fine at the beginning of the run to get +25 Armor
  • Physical Training to Duplicate every 7th Attack is totally fine
  • Opening Strike to set your first attack to 0 cost is great for a Skullcracker
  • Haste to draw 1 card with cost reduced by 1 after killing an enemy

There are also some really low/no value passives like these:

  • Thousand Cuts lets us draw 1 card with cost reduced by 1 after playing 10 cards
  • Return Energy to get 1 Energy after killing a Vulnerable enemy. This would be nice against the Skeletons, grubs and on boss fights with minions.But our AOE can deal with that easily
  • Well-Maintained Body heals your for 25% of your HP after combat
  • Slow Thinker grants you 400% damage on the next turn if you only played 2 cards -> Everything else is better, since we want to win on turn 1
  • Blocking Expert is a big do not take. We rely on Stun and Big Damage to not get hit. So no Blocks. It would allow your blocks to last 1 turn more
  • Beginner’s Luck is the same as Blocking Expert. It would allow you to block every 2nd hit.
  • Armor Crusher to reduce enemies Armor by 2 on hit, is fine. But multiple Stuns is way faster to remove Armor.

These could be relevant for the upcoming endless modes, but i cannot verify this at the moment:

  • Offensive gives you 10 Armor when you hit an Enemy for this turn. This could grant you a huge buff to your armor to take a hit from enemies that cannot be stunned.


How to play Wyrdhunter - Masteries with Stone-Breaker and Manifested Ire - Tainted Grail: Conquest
Awaken Realms Digital 2021
Awaken Realms Digital 2021

For the Masteries we will take “Stone Breaker” to make our Ultimate an AOE and Manifested Ire to only use up 50% of our Ultimate Charges. Combined with the Passive Acceleration we can deal Ultimate Damage on Turn 1. With Cleave our AOE Ultimate with Hit every Enemy multiple times. If there are 4 Enemies that would be Vulnerable + Stun on Turn one and that only with our “free” Ultimate. Then we do it again next turn 😀 Great combination!


How to play Wyrdhunter - Runestones showing second Yr- Tainted Grail: Conquest
Awaken Realms Digital 2021
Awaken Realms Digital 2021

With our Runestones we have many options, but there are also some Runestones that are better than others. So lets have a look at those:

High Priority

  • Mythical Ger will grant us up to 25%/50%/75% extra damage for each weapon slot used
  • Mythical Haegl will grant us up to 100%/200%/300% damage if fully charged
  • Common Calc will help us to win normal battles on turn one through drawing 1/2/3 additional card which are cost reduced by 1. That will make sure that we can draw a Skullcracker or Shield Slam
  • Mythical Ur will cost reduced every 5th/4th/3rd card played. Effectively this will grant us a free card each turn
  • Mythical Yr are monstrous 😀 I really would have liked 3 of them and not combining them. This one lets our 5th/4th/3nd card being duplicated, or in my card tripled. Also its cost is reduced through an Ur 😀
  • Rare Wyn is better than an Mythical Ger or Mythical Haegl if you can apply multiple Stuns each turn. Every Stun will grant you 100%/175%/300% more damage

Totally fine

  • Common Tir which would grant us up 50%/75%/100% damage for 1/2/3 turn(s)
  • Rare Feoh are fine for damage increase 100%/175%/300% or card draw 1/2/3 with cost reduction by 1
  • A rare Ken is a worse copy of an Mythical Yr. Rather take the Yr. But if its not available its okish to duplicate on every 15th/8th/5th card played
  • Mystical Beorc grant us an extra energy after every 3rd/2nd/1st turn
  • Rare Peorth can be switched for a Common Tir instead of having 50%/80%/150% more damage which is decreasing each turn by 5%. But still fine if the fight does not take long.

Bad ones

  • Common Ethel are fine to get increased Armor 10/17/30 until we can have a consistent Stun, afterwards they are bad
  • Common Gar to get more base damage 2/4/6 are fine at the start but later they fall off
  • Common Stan for increased Health 10/17/30 are bad and we do not need their Armor Reduction effect
  • An Common Eolh are only good on Level 3, but how on earth to get that far. On Level 1 they grant you every third turn maximum damage or minimum damage on enemies afterwards every 2nd or every turn on level 3. Since with Patch 1.2 these have been downgraded from Rare to Common its easier to reach lvl 3, but still hard.
  • Rare Gweorth with Armor reduction or gain are not necessary
  • Rare Gyfu is an extra Hit or Barrier but only on not playing many cards.
  • Rare Lor with 10%/18%/30% Lifesteal is totally unecessary
  • Common Man are always bad
  • In order to make use of a rare Nyd you would have to not use all your Energy. I would rather play any card from our thin deck.
  • Rare Os are a really bad healing stone for 1%/2%/3% after a battle
  • Mystical Daeg grant or improves barrier. We don’t need that here.
  • Mystical Ear will grant is energy on having many cards or keeping unused energy.
  • Mystical Ing will give us a chance for Healing Mixtures or Candles
  • Mystical Lagu decreased Barrier value for the enemy or grants us Barrier
  • Mystical Thorn also a Barrier thing


How to play Wyrdhunter - Items like Flute, Talking Skull and Gnawed Foot - Tainted Grail: Conquest
Awaken Realms Digital 2021
Awaken Realms Digital 2021

Lets have a look at good or bad items for this class to use. Everything that help us draw if necessary is good:

High Priority

  • Talking Skull lets you draw 3/4/5 cards and after 1 upgrade also cost reduced by 1. Really good defensive option to draw a Stun card if none was drawn. As offensive option you can push out so much damage if you want through the extra cards.
  • Tome of Knowledge also lets you just draw 1/2/3 more cards. Extra Draw = More Damage
  • Wodden Flute with “A Stunning Song” is the best option in the game. 50% chance to Stun on each and every enemy. Can be used once per Battle and acquired from the Pied Piper. Getting this song might take a while.
  • Gnawed Foot as an Escape Option is a lifesaver

Totally fine

  • Acid Bomb reduce enemy Armor is great to kill on turn 1 if damage is lacking a bit
  • Acid Flask same as the Bomb but single target
  • Berserker Potion can be used to get more damage if you can Stun with a Shield Slam or are sure you can kill on this turn
  • Consecrated Oil to get 100% extra damage is fine
  • Healing Mixture of course is fine
  • If you play a thin deck then Wayfarer Leaves are fine on the endless mode. You can trade Healing Mixtures against these to get free energy.

Bad Items

  • Meat is a way worse way to heal than a Healing Mixture
  • Oversaturated Runestone to fill your Ultimate sound ok, but I with all the mentioned Passives and Masteries we have enough charges.
  • Sharpening Stone is mathematical good, but i a little bit to random for my taste
  • Smoke Bomb to decrease damage is totally unnecessary, but still nice for endless runs
  • Throwing Knives are not necessary to deal damage
  • Warding Lore to get Barrier is not needed

Battle Rotation

So what should you prioritise in battle? Its easy, if you are sure you can kill everyone fast, then Skullcracker for Damage, if unsure then Shield Slam for AOE Stun and then Damage. With all that Stun you should roll quite easily through the difficulties. It was one of the fastes runs I ever had.

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Your life as it was, is no more. You awake on hearing the voice of a goat person? Strange monsters are conjured and now you have to fight? Whats happening? Lets explore! And that exploration is kinda unique for a card based rogue-like. You can travel through the land and decide which fight to take and when. But if you take too much time the Wyrdness will come get you. A mist that will not let you escape.

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Character Selection Screen Wyrdhunter - Tainted Grail: Conquest
Awaken Realms Digital 2021
Awaken Realms Digital 2021
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Awaken Realms Digital 2021
Awaken Realms Digital 2021
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